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Alpengasthaus Dominikushütte - Schlegeis - Zillertal

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The Schlegeis-Reservoir is the starting point for many walks, mountain- and glacier tours. The Friesenberghaus at 2.498 m (ca. 2 h), the Pfitscherjoch-Haus at 2.237 m (ca. 2 h), the Olperer-Hütte auf 2.389 m (ca. 1,5 h) and the Furtschagl-Haus at 2.295 m (ca. 2,5 h) are only a few examples. For the hikers with enough stamina the Panoramaroad Schlegeis (ca. 6 h) is a fine possibility to walk from hut to hut.

The walk along the border of the reservoir to the "Furtschagel-Haus" at 2.295 m offers impressive views over the Schlegeis-Glacier
Furtschagl-Haus at 2.295 m Olperer-Hütte at 2.389 m Pfitscherjoch-Haus at 2.237 m

Walking tour Dominikushütte - Friesenberghaus - Dominikushütte

From the Dominikushütte through a wondeful pine forest to the Friesenberg Alm, and continuing to the Lapenkar. The hut is already visible. The road leads through the pan of the valley in serpentines to the hut.

Pfitscher Jochhaus 2.277 m. Distance from the Reservoir Schlegeis approx. 2 ½ hours

Cross the Italian border and walk to the South-Tyrolean Pfitschertal. A real walk to enjoy is the climb through the scenic and charming high valley "Zamser Grund" to the "Pfitscher-Joch-Haus" at 2.277 m altitude in South-Tyrol. The marked roads have various levels of difficulty and distance, so every hiker will find something suitable for his or hers
performance level.

This walk goes to the Austrian-Italian border. Along the Schlegeis reservoir, at the bridge you turn to the right along the Kiosk Zamsgatterl.

The road is marked with nr. 524 and starts ascending slightly into the Pfitschergründl. After an hour you will reach the Eckalm, 2.089m, and shorltly after you will be at the end of the valley. Because of the steep part that follows this climb has been called "Jochschinder" (something like mountain strugglers...) for ages. But after 15 minutes you are at the
state border with Italy and you can walk on to the now nearby Pfitscher-Joch-Haus. Here you have a breathtaking view over the glaciers.


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